Sustainability Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

As a recognized industry leader, we pride ourselves on delivering effective data-driven communications for our clients through both online and offline media. Our policy is part of our commitment to corporate responsibility and to the environment. We are dedicated to helping our clients, our employees, and our industry reduce their environmental “footprint,” including finding ways to reduce waste, reuse materials, and recycle wherever appropriate.

Our objective is to continually work to lessen the impact of our processes on the environment, as well as to help our clients find more targeted and more successful ways to reach and communicate with their customers.

Reduce Waste

Through more sophisticated segmentation and targeting, DMS can help our clients target their best prospects and customers with the most relevant information. In addition, by providing robust data hygiene, standardization, and postal processing services, we can ensure the highest delivery of your mail. This reduces printing and mailing costs for communications that are not targeted at the right audience and produces savings for both our clients and the environment.

Minimize Waste

Our employees have made a commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste in all of our facilities. As a member of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), we also support their Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice and their Green 15 resolution, which passed in May 2007 and establishes good business practices to show corporate responsibility while being sensitive to the bottom line.


From toner and cartridges to printed paper and inks, there are many ways to reduce our footprint, and we are working with our clients to find environmentally favorable products and processes. We support the DMA’s “Recycle Please” initiative and work to procure paper that preserves the integrity of our forests.

To learn more about the sustainability initiatives under way at each of our facilities, contact us at