ODHS Anti-Spam Policy

OSG Diamond Healthcare Solutions (ODHS) is committed to permission-based e-mail marketing practices and, in support thereof, has established this no-tolerance Anti-Spam Policy. ODHS may occasionally update this policy and provide notice of any changes on its website home page. 

1.  What Is Spam?

Spam is any promotion, information, or solicitation sent to a person via e-mail that does not conform to the CAN-SPAM requirements or that includes prohibited content.

2.  Preventing Spam

ODHS has no tolerance for the sending of spam and unsolicited mail. To ensure CAN-SPAM compliance, ODHS requires that every e-mail deployed through DMS with the primary purpose of delivering commercial content meets the following criteria:

  • Accurately identifies the sender in the header information;
  • Uses a subject line that accurately represents the content of the e-mail;
  • Identifies the message as an advertisement;
  • Includes our customer’s mailing address if sent out on behalf of the customer;
  • Provides a mechanism to opt out; and
  • Honors opt-out requests promptly.

All unsubscribe requests are processed automatically, and our unsubscribe mechanism is operational for at least 30 days after the e-mail is sent. 

Our system uses the subscriber status to capture whether a subscriber has opted out (unsubscribed) from our customer’s publications. Every time we send a commercial e-mail, the system checks the statuses of the subscribers to be sent to and excludes any whose status is “Unsubscribed.”

A subscriber can unsubscribe from e-mails at three different levels:

  1. List-Level Unsubscribe: A subscriber who unsubscribes at the list level will not receive any e-mails that are sent to that list/publication. For example, a person could unsubscribe from our Sale Announcements list but still receive e-mails that we send to our Weekly Newsletter list.  To unsubscribe from a list click on the "unsubscribe" or "one-click unsubscribe" link in the footer of the email.
  2. Account-Level Unsubscribe or Master Unsubscribe:  A master unsubscribe is when a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from every email sent from our company. When a subscriber master unsubscribes, their status is set to Unsubscribed on all your lists as well as your master list.  For example, if a subscriber is on three of our lists and master unsubscribes from one of our emails, they'll appear Unsubscribed on all our lists.  A subscriber may choose to be unsubscribed from all lists by clicking on the "one-click unsubscribe" or "unsubscribe" link in the footer of the email and choosing the option to "Unsubscribe from All" on the unsubscribe confirmation page.  A subscriber may also master unsubscribe from all lists by clicking  on the Manage Subscriptions link in the footer of the email if such link exists and choosing the option to "Unsubscribe from All" on the Manage Subscrptions page that appears.
  3. Global Unsubscribe: A global unsubscribe is an event that occurs when a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from every email sent from ExactTarget (the email software we use to deploy emails). ExactTarget manages this list, so if someone globally unsubscribes, their status is changed to Unsubscribed on a global list. This means that none of ExactTarget clients can email that subscriber, regardless from what email send they clicked the unsubscribe link. 

3.  Unsubscribe Processing

One-Click Unsubscribe: Our application requires that commercial e-mails contain an unsubscribe link in the body of the e-mail, usually the footer. The URL of the link is a system-generated string containing embedded information that the application uses to identify the subscriber who clicked the link and the e-mail in which the subscriber clicked it.

When this URL recognizes that the subscriber has clicked the link, the system looks up which list the e-mail was sent to and sets the subscriber’s status to “Unsubscribed” for that list. If the e-mail was sent to multiple lists that the subscriber is on, the system unsubscribes the subscriber from all of the lists.

Meanwhile, the subscriber’s browser window displays a response message indicating that the unsubscribe action was successful and giving the subscriber options to resubscribe, manage other subscriptions or unsubscribe from all lists.

Profile and Subscription Center: Our application also requires that commercial e-mails contain a link to the profile center. The URL of the link is a system-generated string that takes the subscriber to a customized page showing all of the public attributes that you store about the subscriber.

From the profile center, the subscriber can update personal information in your system and also click another link to the subscription center. The subscription centeris a page that shows all of your account’s lists and publication lists that have been marked as public.

The subscriber’s personal subscription center shows whether the subscriber is subscribed to each of the public lists and publication lists. If the subscriber chooses to unsubscribe from any list, the system changes the subscriber’s status to “Unsubscribed” for that list.

From either the profile center or the subscription center, the subscriber can choose to unsubscribe from all publications. If the subscriber selects this option, the system changes the subscriber’s status to “Unsubscribed” for the account.

Reply Mail: We also have the reply mail management feature, which can be configured for the account so that when a subscriber replies to an e-mail with one of the unsubscribe keywords in the subject line or body, the system automatically unsubscribes the subscriber at the account level.

Reply Mail With Our Client's Email Address: Some of our clients choose to manage the unsubscribes on their own.  In those cases, we include our client's email address in the footer of the email with instructions for the subsrcriber to direct unsubscribe requests to a specific email address managed by our client. Our client is then obligated to honor the requests coming into the designated email address in a timely manner per Can-Spam requirements, and either provide DMS with a new list for future deployments exlcuding the subscribers that have chosen to unsubscribe from further communications or provide DMS with a suppression list with the unsubscribes, which ODHS would then be obligated to suppress from future deployments sent on behalf of that client.

Manual Processing: If a subscriber requests to be unsubscribed from any of the ODHS lists through e-mail or any other communication channel, we process this request in a timely fashion (within 10 business days). 

If the subscriber requests to be unsubscribed from our client's lists manually through an e-mail or any other channel directed to our client directly,  it is our cleint's responsibility to handle the ubscubrcibe request in a timely fashion per Can-Spam Act.

Feedback Loop: A feedback loop is a mechanism by which an Internet service provider (ISP) forwards spam complaints and opt-outs from its users to the senders of the messages being complained about. When such a complaint is received, the subscriber who complained is automatically unsubscribed at the account level.

4.  Reporting Spam

If you believe that you have received spam connected to OSG Diamond Healthcare Solutions in any way, send a complaint that includes the unsolicited e-mail to privacy@dmsolutions.com. Please provide any other information that you believe may help us in our investigation.